Dr. Charles Chaffin is an author, speaker, and educator who presents and consults on a variety of topics related to the education, financial planning, and the information age. From innovative ways to maximize student achievement to the psychology of the financial planning client to the issues in Numb, Charles takes complex topics and makes them accessible to a broader population. His consulting services range from financial planning firms and programs of study to a variety of colleges and universities. He has spoken at association, academic, and other professional conferences and meetings.

Areas of Focus

Controlling our “spending” in this Attention Economy

Our attention is the pathway to our consciousness, shaping all that we engage and experience in the world around us. Within the last many decades, the amount of information that is coming at us in our work and personal lives has increased dramatically, while our capacity to sort, understand, and make sense all of it has not changed. Dr. Chaffin discusses how to prioritize all of the decisions that we encounter everyday within this digital age.

Financial planning

Dr. Chaffin brings over 12 years of experience in financial planning, most notably in research that impacts client behaviors and attitudes. He has provided guidance and oversight to hundreds of college and university programs preparing individuals to enter the financial planning profession as well as Executive Education programs designed for the current workforce.

Managing information without it managing us…

Technology has become a destination rather than a tool for us to work, live, and engage with others. Our time on social media, YouTube, and countless other apps and platforms have challenged us to develop and maintain meaningful and authentic experiences. In many instances, we have focused our limited attention in searching for a “like” on social media or engage others with different points of view, leading in many instances to loneliness, tribalism, and experiences that are artificial and less-rewarding.

Education and cognition

How do people learn? How do we take our students and employees from their current level of achievement to the performance benchmarks we envision for them? How do we structure learning experiences that maximize achievement while also providing meaning and relevance? Dr. Chaffin outlines the best avenues for learning objectives, experiences, and assessments that will maximize time and resources to make the most out of your students or employees.

Consulting work: Curriculum development/financial planning/program oversight

Dr. Chaffin has developed curricula for degree programs of all types as well as Executive Education. He has evaluated a number of degree and non-degree programs to determine best avenues to maximize student achievement and program sustainability.

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