Dr. Charles Chaffin focuses on information, how we manage it, retain it, and use it in all aspects of our lives. As an author, speaker, and educator, Dr. Chaffin focuses on how we can successfully navigate life in this attention economy, one where devices, marketers, and information platforms work towards stealing our attention through artificial rewards, clickbait, and inauthentic experiences. He has an interest in helping people focus their attention towards successful and rewarding lives.

Numb, releasing in June 2021, focuses on all of the pushes and pulls on our attention, as well as the byproducts of life in the Information Age, ranging from confirmation bias and tribalism to choice overload and compassion fatigue. The purpose of Numb is to help readers use information, and the technology that goes along with it, as a tool for better productivity, deeper relationships, and authentic experiences…as opposed to a destination.

Charles has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Illinois where his research focused on cognitive workload in complex tasks. He has a master’s degree from the University of Michigan and has taught kindergarten through the Ph.D. level.

Our attention is one of our most valuable resources. In this attention economy, each of us are challenged to focus on what is most meaningful, while filtering the noise. We only have so much attention to allocate…so we must spend wisely!

Dr. Chaffin describes the pushes and pulls on our attention in the opening episode of The Numb Channel.
Are you distracted? Ways to manage all of the distractions in a noisy world 

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