The Numb Podcast

The Numb Podcast, now in its second season, is a fun exploration of life in the Information Age, focusing on social media, cable news, dating apps, porn, and all of the other apps and devices that push and pull on our attention on a daily basis. Hosted by Dr. Charles Chaffin, The Numb Podcast includes researchers, therapists, sports and political figures, and guests from all walks of life who offer commentary and solutions for managing our attention in such a noisy world.

Pseudo-profound bullshit…and why we buy it. The Numb Podcast

Dr. Charles opens the show discussing some of the research behind pseudo-profound bullshit, including why some are susceptible to it as well as the implications of it as it relates to our work, personal lives, and fake news. He then dives into what makes good listeners (and bad listeners), sharing  five steps we can take to become better listeners at work and in our personal lives. He then answers some listener emails. 
  1. Pseudo-profound bullshit…and why we buy it.
  2. INFOBESITY in the workplace
  3. 35,000 choices per day…Decisions, Decisions!
  4. People behaving badly
  5. Digital Fatigue: "All these screens are wearing me out!"