The Psychology of Financial Planning Podcast

Join Dr. Charles Chaffin and Dr. Brad Klontz as they dive deep into the psychology of financial planning. This podcast, designed for practitioners, is based upon their most recent book and provides actionable insights for advisors to know and serve their clients better.

What are your clients learning from you? Psychology of Financial Planning Podcast

Dr. Charles talks about the importance of understanding and responding to clients' various learning styles. He then walks through each of them and perhaps most importantly, what a planner can do to accommodate the learning style of each client whether in-person or video chat. 
  1. What are your clients learning from you?
  2. How to get your client to take action
  3. Behavioral finance is boring
  4. Helping our clients (and ourselves) through this Bear Market
  5. Financial Instincts

The Numb Podcast, now in its second season, is a fun exploration of life in the Information Age, focusing on social media, cable news, dating apps, porn, and all of the other apps and devices that push and pull on our attention on a daily basis. Hosted by Dr. Charles Chaffin, The Numb Podcast includes researchers, therapists, sports and political figures, and guests from all walks of life who offer commentary and solutions for managing our attention in such a noisy world.

Dr. Charles opens the show talking about how people are so stressed these days and then dives into some of the root causes of this stress as it relates to the Information Age. He then talks about five ways we can better manage all of this stress. He tells an awful joke as an aside and then ends the show by quoting an old song and answering some listener email. 
  1. STRESS!
  2. The Psychology of Texting
  3. What's your motivation?
  4. Smoking two packs of Instagram a day…
  5. The Attention Economy